As the smell of New England lobster tail, marinated peppercorn filet, and a mixture of crispy vegetables wafted through the air like a symphony of flavor, the Polivka International corporate team sat around our rustically adorned conference room. 

The holiday season is one of tradition, and we have a tradition we regularly enact around this time. The question is put to each person, “What did you learn this year?”

In that question is contained the content and more subtly the habit we stress throughout the year. 

This tradition is the crown of a year’s worth of effort, of daily drudgery, when the question is more often “what’s the big picture behind all of this?” 

Like a good meal, the answer to the question is not provided until the work is finished. Each answer to the original question serves to answer this bigger question. 

It’s been a fantastically busy year with projects of great challenge, and industry-wide changes. To see the big picture, we’ve put together a list of our achievements in 2017. Enjoy! 


Here’s a brief overview of some of those projects:

  • Pittsburgh Intermodal Terminal (CSXI)
  • Full list coming soon…


And here is a list of accolades from this year:

Rated in the Top 3 of CSXT’s Suppliers.

Platinum Safety Award from National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association.

We have added two full fledged rail installation and maintenance crews to our list of services.