Whether with traditional paving or our proprietary eco-friendly RollPark™ parking surface, we meet or exceed every surfacing project’s requirements. Polivka International has delivered more than 700 projects over 60 years with creative design-build and bid-to-build solutions for every surfacing challenge.

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Pavement Evaluation Program

Polivka International partners with leading engineers, ensuring projects are designed and completed safely while taking into account the current and future needs of a space. Our Pavement Evaluation Program accounts for every aspect including stress, permeability, drainage, weight capacity for future growth, environmental impact and more.


Surfaces change over time. Our Pavement Maintenance Program ensures that small issues are quickly caught and dealt with before they turn into problems.

Our engineers can re-evaluate the site, test soil stability, identify drainage issues, etc.

Pavement Maintenance Program

When you hire Polivka International, surprises are not part of the package. We only make our recommendation after we’ve investigated every aspect of a project. Whether concrete, asphalt or a combination thereof, rest assured that our recommendation comes from exhaustive study of your needs and the short and long-term implications for any surface installation project.

Low Impact Parking Surface


RollPark is the first rollable, eco-friendly parking surface for temporary and long term use. Unlike asphalt and concrete, Rollpark replenishes the water table, filters hydrocarbons (oil), and eliminates flood-causing retention ponds.

Save Time

  • Eliminate need for large installation crews with up to 80% less construction time than conventional lots
  • RollPark crews install up to 2 acres per day

Save Money

  • Reinstallation allows up to 50% recovery of initial costs
  • Guaranteed to cost at least 30% less than leasing an off-site lot

Save Land

  • 100% permeability eliminates runoff and need for retention ponds, leaving surrounding land unharmed
  • Controls erosion and storm water management


The RollPark team engineers the surface and prepares the ground to meet each client’s particular needs. RollPark may be removed, without remnant or residue, and sent to another job site for reuse. Or, keep RollPark in place for up to 7 years.


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