Let’s be honest: most business events are dull and the food flavorless.

With that soporific statistic in mind, we approached our most recent event with an eye towards fun.

We hosted an intimate dinner for GoRail with the major players in the Rail industry, including CEOs, presidents, and executives. These are people that know the endless variety of dull business events.

We blasted this expectation to bits with overflowing milk shakes,  crispy potato pancakes, and succulent ribs. 

But before we dove into that feast of sensation, we were given a tour of 200 years by Firestone’s informally appointed historian. Firestone Country Club has roots stretching back to the founding of the United States, with colonial land owners making their homestead in its cozy meadows. It survived economic boom and bust until it was designated a factory worker’s golfing paradise. The old tire company treated its employees like royalty with its desirable golf course design, and endlessly delightful meals.

This tradition of unmatched customer service and culinary excellence survives in Firestone’s current establishment. 

Then we ate –– a lot! Everyone loved it. 

These events serve to express our gratitude to our clients, but more than that they are an invitation into living with the joy of good food and good company.